Is there an app for doing my weeding?
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What are some useful gardening apps for my iPhone?

I'm especially interested in plant identification and recommendations by zone but really any good apps that you've found helpful in gardening would be appreciated. We're in Northern Californian.
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You might have already seen this off a google search, but here's a top 10 for gardening apps. Botany Buddy in particular shows up on a few of the lists. I haven't tried any of these yet...but am interested in the same question actually. Might try some tonight, check out the reviews for the higher dollar apps...and will report back here.
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Response by poster: That's a good start though it's about a year old and I'd be interested in ideas since then. Also, the last comment in that list suggests that Botany Buddy isn't comprehensive (Please be aware that botany buddy contains only trees and shrubs it is not a comprehensive list of all tpes of flowers— bulbs, perennials, etc.).
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Botany Buddy seems to have had a well received update last June...although I found it difficult looking for a comprehensive all-in-one (Dirr's app below comes close, but only for trees and shrubs)...however, here's a few that caught my attention while searching the app store for "botany" and "garden"

- Flower Pedia
- Dirr's Tree and Shrub Finder
- Plant Trivia
- Essential Garden Guide
- Landscaper's Companion
- Vegetable Garden Guides

Also, there's a few apps specific to your side of the coast:
- California Wildflowers
- SMM Wildflowers
- SGM Plants
- Northwest Mountain Wildflowers
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