God Save Our Gracious Me
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Does anyone have a link to the Kenny Everett sketch where the Queen sings, "God save our gracious me" while cooking breakfast?

Just noticed the Queen doesn't sing "God Save the Queen," which I never thought about but of course makes total sense. While "researching" this I found a reference to a Kenny Everett sketch where the Queen sings the anthem about herself while cooking breakfast. (Yahoo answers. There. I confess). It sounds hilarious. Does anyone have a link by chance?

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That's ringing a faint bell... but I thought it was a Spitting Image sketch.
The Royals were often portrayed as a dysfunctional middle-class family. Spats at the breakfast table, Liz in rollers...
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Likeso's Spitting Image memory is backed up by this FlyerTalk discussion:

Reminds me of the Spitting Image scene where having returned from New Zealand she is quietly humming "God save our gracious me..........". She comes across Prince Phillip and tells him that she saw a very interesting thing in New Zealand - bottoms (Maoris protesting at her visit by displaying their bare backsides). The conversation went something like
Queen "I think we should have bottoms in Britain"
Prince Phillip "We do"
Q "I've never seen any"
PP "What do you sit on when you go to the toilet?"
Q "Cushions"
PP"What's below you then?"
Q "My subjects"
PP "Have you never seen a bottom?"
Q "Yes, in New Zealand, I just told you"
PP goes away in frustration.

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Of course, that's not to say that Kenny Everett didn't come up with the same joke independently.
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I remember the Kenny Everett one: it was a sketch mocking all of the things that have a "by royal appointment" logo on them: things like sausages, cigarettes. cement mixers, etc. A bit of Googleing reveals this, and this video of the episode (at about 9 minutes in). It's split between that and the next clip.
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