What Satie pieces are featured in the movie "Being There"?
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I've got a Satie piece in my head and it just won't quit. And it's not on any Satie CDs I've checked out of the library. I'm pretty sure it's featured in the movie "Being There," though. It's mostly in a major key, and it's relaxed and friendly. Any thoughts? Anyone have the soundtrack listing at their fingertips?
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Best answer: According to this USENET post, the score is original, though inspired by Satie.
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Yes, an excellent score! And it does sound like Satie, doesn't it? I'm not surprised that it's stuck in your head. It has the same characteristics of Satie's music that make them get stuck in there and not come out. I've had the first of the Gymnopedies in my head since I was about 13 - whistle it every day, hum it in my sleep.
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