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Friend is trying to cut costs in her budget. Does anyone know a website that's as comprehensive and easy-to-use as, but doesn't cost $9 a month?

I know $9 a month doesn't seem like a lot, but it all adds up.
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After a quick glance it seems very similar to Fit Day. I've been using Fit Day for years - free and easy.
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i've lost 10lbs with the help of hotcal. i love it.
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FitDay is great.
I prefer Daily Burn
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+1 for MyFitnessPal
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It's not a website, but a program. I used CRONoMeter when I was tracking my diet carefully.

Oh, they have a web version now. I don't know what that's like.
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Or, if she has an iphone or android or pre, there's a great app called Absolute Fitness, that i love. It costs $4.99, but its a one-time cost. (And its mega useful being able to easily update it when you're out and about.)
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I like, which also has a free Android and iPhone app called Calorie Counter that syncs with the website.
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I use DailyPlate and have been quite happy with it. There's a paid version, but the basic functions are free.
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I use myfitnesspal as well. It's pretty solid.
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I asked about this here a few months ago after being dissatisfied with DailyPlate. Consensus was MyFitnessPal, with SparkPeople a close second. I went with MyFitnessPal and couldn't be happier; it's really terrific.
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I used to use Fitday and got REALLY frustrated with the interface after a while. I'm now in love with FitBit which is much prettier and easier to use. I do have the paid version and little gadget, but used it for about a year without either and it's perfect sufficient.
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I've switched from FitDay to FitBit based on the much, much better interface & gadget, but be aware that the detailed FitBit analytics (some of which are free on FitDay, like calorie breakdown and vitamin %s by week) are mostly behind a $50/yr paywall now.
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I am fond of dailyplate.
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Response by poster: These all look great, forwarding to my friend and will mark the best answer after she gets back to me. Thanks!
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CRON-o-Meter, easily.
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