Individual online appointment scheduler?
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There's lots of great online software for allowing multiple participants to vote on the best single meeting time. There's also software that will allow people to book individual appointment times from a calendar. But I'm looking for a resource that will allow me to invite people to pick from an assortment of specific dates/times to schedule individual meetings with me. For example, let's say I have only ten one-hour blocks of time that are available for meetings next month. What online software will let me invite multiple people to choose from among those ten blocks, so that I am notified who picked which time, which is then not available to the remaining people?
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Best answer: Doodle can do what you want, I think.
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Yes, Doodle is it.
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Response by poster: Ah. I've used Doodle before to schedule group meetings, but didn't realize it could do this, too. It's not very clear from their homepage, but yes, after digging around I think I've found a way to make this work, using the "Make a Choice" feature, and limiting each appointment choice to one participant. Thanks! And if anyone knows of other more elegant solutions, I'd love to hear about them.
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This might also be of interest - It's a different thing conceptually but the actual functionality is exactly what you want.
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