A frog in a water nest?
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On a hike in East Granby, CT, my friend came across this. Its a frog sitting in a fluffy nest sitting on top of a swampy pond. I really have nothing else to say other than is this normal frog behavior?
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Best answer: I'm not a frog expert, but it looks like a frog just sitting on what's there, which happens to be the fluffy top of a rush. That is, I think it's coincidence, not a nest.
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I agree with anadem - that's an exploded cattail, not a nest. Mr. Frog might be there for any number of reasons.
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Yeah, looks like he's sitting on a fallen exploded cattail. I have no specific information about frog behavior, but now I'm curious too. That picture is totally adorable!
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That's the most wonderful misplaced answer EVER, vitabellosi.

This YT video shows an African Foam Nest Frog's foamy nest. In a tree.

But back in CT, that's not foam, but a bunch of cattail (on preview: yep!) If the frog's cold, it might keep it warm.
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Ah yes, cattail. They're called bulrushes in my native tongue, and I blanked on too many animal names. Cute picture, comfy frog in a convenient floating seat.
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Best answer: Hey, frogs are cold blodded; the cattail can't keep it warm.

Frogs have no concept of "fluffy = good", this is true for us endotherms because fluffy stuff is usually good thermal isolation, it keeps our own heat from escaping and therefore feels good when it's colder outside.

I don't know why the frog is sitting there, but it's not because it's cozy.
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It's laying eggs. Duh.

(Sorry. Could not resist. Please don't tell anyone I said this or they'll take away my zoology degrees.)

My guess? Coincidence, and a lucky photo opportunity.
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Frogs can't snuggle? That makes me unutterably sad. (But I guess frogs and lizards can still bask in the sun and warm up from radiant heat, right?)

I have no idea how these people got their frogs wedged into their cattails, or why.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! The general consensus seems to be that the frog got lucky and landed in a sweet spot (even if he/she didn't appreciate the fluffiness). My friend told me that she didn't even know the frog was in the "nest" when she took the picture! A welcome surprise indeed.
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