Where to spend a day writing in Sydney
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I'm going to be in sydney CBD tomorrow, and would like to find a nice place to sit and work for a few hours. I know about the state library and the various university libraries. I've got a folding bike with me, so I'd be prepared to cycle up to 7km out of the city, or get a short ferry ride.
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Take the ferry to Manly from Circular Quay, as it's a lovely trip. There's any number of cafes there you can sit in. It's still going to be showery though so pack a raincoat.
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There are cafes in the Queen Victoria Building, some safely underground to protect from the rain. Very nice.
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Seconding Manly, my neck of the woods. Grab a chair at a cafe or at the Wharf bar as you get off the ferry and watch the world go by. Regardless of where you go an umbrella is an excellent idea.
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There are lots of nice cafes in Newtown. The one on the second flood of Berkelouw Books is probably a good place to work--nice big tables, generally seems to be fairly quiet (though I haven't been there many times) and full of books. Also, nice chai.

This is fairly random, but what about the rotating restaurant on the 40somethingth flood of Australia Square? It's a bit fancy-pants but could suit your purposes during the day. I was there once around 4pm and it was mostly empty. I know they have cocktails and simple entrees; I'm sure you could also get away with nursing a coffee. Obviously, the view is fantastic and rotates.
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It'd help to know if you need somewhere quiet where you can spread materials out all over the place & concentrate (eg a library) or whether somewhere more lively is OK (eg a cafe or bar).

For more of a cafe scene, Walsh Bay could be alright. There are a few places nestled in amongst the finger wharves there, including a reasonably bohemian sort of place right next to a bunch of dance studios where the Bangarra aboriginal dance group & the Sydney Dance Company rehearse - Pier 4, Sydney Dance Cafe. Would be pretty nice in the rain, I think.

For a bar, you could do worse than settling in at the historic Marble Bar beneath the Hilton on George St, right opposite the Queen Victoria Building. [sorry - that marble bar link is just hanging for me...best to verify it for yourself]
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Watsons Bay/Robertson Park/Camp Cove is a shortish ferry ride, and a nice place to be if the weather is nice. If you have time for a wander, walk around South Head and the Gap.
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If you're working during the day, and the weather hold, you can't do better than the Opera Bar, on the harbour by the Opera House. Best view in town, although the drinks are a bit pricey. Leave by 5pm to avoid the after-work crowd.

Otherwise, I would go down to Newtown or Glebe.

In Glebe, the Well Connected Cafe is a comfortable, ramshackle place with decent coffee and snacks. Lots of other cafes around too.
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