Need an ASP .NET 4.0 webhost
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I need a reliable host for a ASP .NET framework 4 website.

I want to hire a VPS or shared host for a simple ASP .NET Framework 4 website. I'm curently using MochaHost but it both sucks and blows, (have had 3 full days of downtime in the last 2 weeks and the support is basically non-existent.)

What reliable and cheap .NET host would you recommend? It should allow me to connect to a VPN from the host.
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I have no personal experience with this, but have you looked at Windows Azure?
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My company has worked with Maximum ASP for more than 6 years and we've been extremely happy.
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I use Mocha as well, and agree they're not spectacular. I'm in the process of moving my stuff to Amazon Ec2. Their windows VMs a reasonable, and scalable. In addition, if you're willing to run ASP.NET on mono, you can easily bring up multiple cheap linux VMs for the cost of one windows machine.
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If you are ok with a shared host and dont want to pay a lot try

I have been using them for various smaller projects for years, and they have been stable
with decent performance. They are not the cheapest, I have used some of the cheaper
hosting companies and had a lot of trouble.

It really depends on how scalable and performant you need your host to be.

I can also recommend Rackspace for enterprise solution and I personally would
seriously investigate using Windows Azure. Both will cost a lo more than
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