Where to host 15 in Paris for a brunch/lunch?
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Paris - Looking for a fantastic location to host 15 people for a Sunday brunch/lunch in Paris. Ideally in a terasse/rooftop setting with a fixed menu per person (around 20 euros a head)

I'm looking for recommendations on where to host a small birthday reception in Paris. Open to all suggestions with some preferences:
- about 20 euros per head (to be negotiated)
- outdoorsy (terasse/rooftop)
- relatively central with the possibility of securing reservations for a large party
- something interesting!

Looking forward to mefi's suggestions! :)
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It's not central, but the pavilion in Parc des Butte Chamonts (sp?) in the 19e has a terrace, is in the park, you can reserve and as it's in the 19e and not the centre, 20€ per head may be possible. That budget seems low if it includes alcohol.
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I don't know if they're open on Sundays, but the Centre Pompidou is a nice spot for sure.
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I think you may need to raise the per head costs, lunch is a big deal in Paris, with many courses and it's going to be pricier, but oh, it will be worth it. Heh, they'll probably charge extra because they have to work on Sunday :) (I kid, sort of)
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Response by poster: The price per head can be raised and by central I guessed I meant "accessible by normal transportation" means.

Please keep the suggestions coming!
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Best answer: For future refernces, I chose The River Cafe - a fantastic quiet spot a little out of ways. Reservations necessary. Excellent place.
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