Bunting is not enough!
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Where in central London can I found the most absurd or obscene Royal Wedding souvenir?

And by Royal Wedding I mean Kate and Wills on Friday.

Loo roll, crack pipe, severed limb, sex toy, whoopee cushion, portrait-of-the-happy-couple-as-zombies...that sort of thing.

Hopefully somewhere in central London open after office hours.

Anony to preserve the surprise.
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Brewdog's Royal Virility Performance. An IPA featuring herbal viagra, chocolate, and Goat Weed.
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Anarchist sectarian that I am I'm loathe to promote the SWP's bookshop, but last time I was in Bookmarks they had royal wedding sick bags.
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These plates have been making the media rounds (unfortunately, that means your friend may have already seen them).
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Personally I would love a Kate and Harry commemorative mug.
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Don't know where you would get some, but there was a segment on the news the other day featuring royal-marriage-themed condoms, I think the brand was Crown Jewels or something like that.
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You won't get the mug in time for tomorrow. I think I;d go tacky - hit Cool Britannia or This n That and get the most hideous unofficial souvenir you can. Press-on nails?

Failing that, the plates dhartung linked to are on sale in John LEwis.

I saw a Royal Wedding divorce mug on Regretsy and I'd be shocked if some hipster tat vendor in Shoreditch wasn't selling something along those lines.

(I did not know Bookmarks was an SWP enterprise!)
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