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I'm trying to help my friend put together a simple site, using wordpress as a platform for a static site/CMS. I'm having trouble moving the header (and all the content below it I suppose) to the top of the screen, 3px from the top. Could anyone help me by looking at the source code?
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What you want to do is get rid of the 30px of padding in the #header.
posted by Victorvacendak at 8:59 PM on April 26, 2011

I'd suggest installing Firebug for Firefox. It makes inspecting elements really easy, and lets you make live tweaks for testing it out. It looks like in your style.css it's picking up an 18pt padding on the header area.
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Doh meant 30px like Victorvacendak said. I was seeing 18pt someplace else.
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Although after posting that, I tried padding: 0 in Firebug and it didn't go all the way up until I made it position: relative and added a negative top: -somenumber.
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I fixed it by making your #header (in style.css):

#header {
margin-top: -33px;
padding-bottom: 0;
padding-left: 0;
padding-right: 0;
padding-top: 0;
posted by Victorvacendak at 9:09 PM on April 26, 2011

Response by poster: Thanks much!!! your tip worked like a charm Victorvacendak =)

much appreciated!

posted by FireStyle at 9:30 PM on April 26, 2011

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