What should I get my wife for graduating from a Master's program for fiction writing?
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What should I get my wife as a gift for graduating from a Master's program for fiction writing?

She lives a pretty Spartan lifestyle and doesn't collect a lot of material things, and I've never bought a gift for grad school graduation before. But I would like it to be something novel and special. Price no object. Thanks!
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Does she ever write by hand? How about her favorite kind of journal, 10 of her favorite fancy pens, and a journal bandolier? And perhaps a gift certificate to her favorite local coffee shop?
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Super-fancy pen engraved with her name, her degree, the date?

Or laptop with her favorite writing software?
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I vote for a nice piece of jewelry. It's your wife, and it doesn't have to be "appropriate" for her degree.
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Olivetti Valentine
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Does she have any work that she'd like to publish? If so, an ISBN number might be handy. It's a somewhat complicated system, but basically if she wants any of her books to be sold in stores or in Amazon, she needs an ISBN (or better yet, a block of 10 ISBN numbers making her a "self-publisher"). Some details here.

My bf's work gives awesome x-mas presents and gave a coworker of his (who writes sci-fi books as a hobby) a set of ISBN numbers last year - it struck me as a very thoughtful gift that encourages and supports his writing.If you go that route, I'd also suggest something sentimental (pen, journal, jewelry, type writer mentioned above all seems like good ideas).

Also, if price is no object, can you take her on a trip? Put some plane tickets in a nice travel journal.
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I'm always looking for an excuse to get someone an ecosphere. You know, something totally unique to inspire her in her writing.

I also like this interesting reference book for my fiction writing friends.
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This wonderful gift would greatly increase her odds at getting that book published.
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Don't get an ecosphere--I got one as a gift. They're depressing. The shrimp die one-by-one and there's nothing you can do about it.

At the end of my own MFA career, I bought myself a ridiculous class ring, as I'd never gotten one before. However, I'm weird.

I suspect people are always giving her journals as gifts, as is the case for me. However, they're usually cheapy journals they buy at the front of bookstores. Most writers I know have a fair amount of stufflust over really nice journals--something a step-up from a moleskine, like a custom journal from etsy or an insanely classy http://www.amazon.com/Lussa-Italian-Leather-Journal-Large/dp/B0032ZF4BU/ref=pd_sbs_op_34">Italian leather journal. Any book should come with a really nice pen, too.

Alternatively, get her a kindle and giftcard. That'd work, too.
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An 11" Macbook Air. It's the perfect writer's computer.
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Give her two hours every evening to write for a year. Don't ask her how it's going, don't disturb her, do the chores.
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For practical gifts, I suggest looking at Levenger.

Nonpractical: Typewriter charm w/ pearls and rubies
Less expensive charm - if you search Etsy for "writer" there are a bunch of cute ideas.
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A signed first edition of something by the author who inspired her to write? ABE has an advanced search feature has those search options.
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An 11" Macbook Air. It's the perfect writer's computer.

If you decide to go this route, purchase and install Scrivener on it before giving it to her.
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