Can TikiWiki handle my very specific project?
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Will TikiWiki (or similar software) work for my rather specific needs, or do I need to build something myself?

I've been developing a wiki site about a specific recreational topic, and I'm not sure if what I need is even do-able with a wiki software package.

I need each page to have a specific format (Header1, Topic1; Header2, Topic2, etc) that I want locked. (In other words, I want users to be able to edit the topic information but not rearrange the page or change the headers). Additionally, I want to have an "Advanced Search" where visitors can search by each Header/Topic individually, rather than a general full-text search.

I initially searched WikiMatrix to narrow it down to MediaWiki and TikiWiki. MediaWiki was far too difficult to customize, so I dropped it fairly quick. I'm also considering DocuWiki, but I'd like some feedback before I spend more time messing with software that may not do the trick. I've searched Metafilter and Google as well, but my question is a bit too specific.

Why I like TikiWiki:
- Very customizable interface
- Uses SMARTY for templates (I don't love it, but I've at least seen it before)
- Includes Forums (important)
- Great user capability management
- Recent activity sidebar
- Admin area is relatively easy to navigate
- Expandable features
- Upgrades seem relatively painless

If the wiki software doesn't do what I need out of the box but can accommodate custom PHP coding, that's fine. I've been coding in PHP for several years and don't have a problem filling in parts that may be lacking. If wiki software won't be able to handle my project, my back-up plan is to use some membership management software and code the wiki parts myself. I typically use aMember for that, but I'm also open to suggestion.

Other requirements:
- Software should be PHP/MySQL-based (and will work with Linux hosting)
- Free and Open-Source is preferred
- Extremely customizable styling

Sorry to be vague about the site's subject, but I have to worry about confidentiality. If there's any other information you need in order to provide a recommendation, please ask.
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I think Confluence with the Theme Builder plugin will do what you want. Not FOSS, but if you've got few users the starter license is a $10 donation.
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