Help me find a webcomic and a webstory
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I cannot remember a webcomic that I am sure I found while surfing through metafiltered waters. I also cannot remember a short story that I am also sure I discovered through similar means. Help me, O-Me-Fi, you're my only hope.

The webcomic was simply drawn and colored. I read it within the last two years. It featured a humanoid who ran away or left his/her city/job/assignment perhaps with his/her love interest and proceeded across a bizarre landscape. I remember they crossed a river that was perhaps gelatinous. There may have been biomorphic architecture and probably creatures, maybe even monsters. It was contemplative in theme.

The short story was written for the internet, perhaps for a competition. It took place in some sort of post-event/future Earth, sci-fi style. There was a main character and his younger sibling. The main character eventually went to a "castle" and was either going to dive to the bottom of a lake and retrieve and artifact or maybe assassinate the ruler of the place. It was pretty grim. There was a lot of water.

All my solo-searches have failed...
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Response by poster: Alas, it was not those, although they do seem nice.

The characters in the webcomic, I believe, were not specifically-identifiable mammals. It was kind of psychedelic.

Please help me; my search continues.
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Response by poster: Remembered somethings regarding-

The comic - I remember that the society had rigidly defined classes and jobs- the two persons were not supposed to be together because of their differences (he was a "sweeper" or something?). Also, the comic may have been a metaphor.

The short story - the main character had to fight somebody with a knife. I think that someone tried to take his pallet?
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