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What Two-player cooperative apps are there for the iPad and iPod Touch?

This could be as open a definition as taking turns firing the birds on AngryBirds, though some actual cooperative apps with 2 players playing on different devices would be ideal.
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Best answer: Flight Control has a co-op mode.
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Best answer: Plants vs Zombies is very fun for multiple people to play. One person is responsible for planting, another is responsible for collecting suns, another can be responsible for collecting money, etc. In fact, I recently heard about PvZ being used in a school for teaching cooperation to kids who have trouble with the concept. I was surprised at first, but then it made perfect sense.
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Best answer: Co-Op Games for iPhone
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Settlers of Catan. Fun to play with two people. I dunno about playing on different devices; I think you can do that with Carcassone app, though.
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Words with Friends.
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PongVaders, it's sort of a mashup of Pong and Space Invaders.
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