Treemaps that can use an image for each node.
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Any treemap / other visualization software that can use a named image file to represent each node?

I wanted to do a treemap for a data set involving companies. If possible I wanted each node to be a scaled version of their logo. Like this image (except with logos not flags).

I've used tools like Macrofocus Treemap and Many Eyes, and can create basic treemaps with nodes of different colors with different labels etc, but haven't found any visualization tools that do treemaps where you can include a image (like a logo) to use as the backdrop.

Suggestions for such a tool? I'm dealing with a dataset of less than 25 companies, so could do it by hand if I really needed to, but if the data set changes over time it would be neat to have it auto-magically rescale.

Tools that can do other types of visualization with images would also be interesting.

(I'm aware that as logos may be different sizes and shapes - it could look screwy in the end and just using a good clear color palette may be a better idea - but wanted to try anyway)
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Take a look at the source core for this. You might try repurposing the label generation function to output a div or canvas element that contains an image with the desired dimensions and relative positioning.
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