This thing makes a polio-stricken girl in a field look positively cheerful
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Art ID: old print, possibly by Andrew Wyeth? Help solve this family mystery!

This dreadfully grim artwork has been lurking around my family's homes for at least 30 years. The received wisdom was that my mother had painted it. I always had my doubts, frankly - she painted, but never showed the kind of technical proficiency to do something like this.

It ended up in the home of an uncle, who passed away a few months ago. In going through his things for the estate sale, the question of this painting came up yet again.

"Hand me that screwdriver," I said, in a fit of snappishness. I pried the back off the frame and extracted the artwork. Only to find that it was clearly a repro print - and not a very good one, either! You can literally see the pixels in the un-faded bit at the edge.

Removing it from the frame also revealed the artist's signature.

It appears to have been printed sloppily, with part of the signature cut off. Nevertheless, this looks like Wyeth's signature, as far as I've been able to tell.

I uploaded it to Tineye, with zero results.

Question 1: Anyone know the name of the actual painting? I'd like to be able to report that "It's by ________ and it's called ________," since several family members remain unconvinced that my mother didn't paint this.

Question 2: This reproduction has no value, correct? It's off-center, done on a kind of cardboard. The back is stamped "K673," if that has any meaning.

Painting - Artist's signature
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Spring Sun (1958), from a portfolio called The Four Seasons.
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WOOHOO! Thank you, wreckingball! That's the one - marking as resolved!
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Happy to help, that was fun!

Here's a different auction site that has close-ups of some of what I expect are parts of your print that have been cut off. It certainly wouldn't seem to be worth too much in its present state, but you might be able to get something for it if you're really keen to unload it.
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