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What iPhone/Android apps are used in research, along the lines of Mappiness?

I am curious if people are using iPhone/Android apps for research (i.e. to collect research data). Mappiness is the only one I am aware of, which aims to collect data on happiness in the U.K. It works by push notifying users for information on their happiness, location, etc. throughout the day. Are researchers are using apps in other ways? U.S. inclusive/targeted is nice (I might want to participate), but by no means a necessity. Is there discussion on using apps as a data collection method?

In-app access to personal or aggregate data, such as in charts or other logging, is a plus.

Also: Are there non-research apps like this? Something single-purpose/basic/casual that can be done while out-and-about that might push to remind you to enter or record data. I am aware of the everyday face picture app.

Anything that comes to mind related to these things is most welcome. (Inspired by WSJ article on harvesting phone data.)
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AT&T has a Mark The Spot app that lets iPhone users report on areas of weaker 3G coverage.
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