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Quick Latin translation help needed!

I'm trying to translate "every cow has the right to be found" into Latin (don't ask). The closest I can get is:

sulum carnero vox et existo instituo

I realise there are a few options e.g. "bovis" for cow, "omnis" for every...could someone with more Latin than me give me some hints at making it accurate?

Thanks in advance!
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I don't know if you'll find a 1:1 translation for "right" as we know it, but here's my best stab: Bovibus omnibus inveniri licentia est.
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The Catholic code of canon law has a section titled "DE OMNIUM CHRISTIFIDELIUM OBLIGATIONIBUS ET IURIBUS," which is translated into English as "THE OBLIGATIONS AND RIGHTS OF ALL THE CHRISTIAN FAITHFUL"
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I like oinopapton's, except I would render the first section in nominative: boves omnes. bos omne - meaning "every cow" in the singular - might also work.
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I guess an explanation of my translation might be helpful. My "bovibus omnibus" is in the dative for the dative of the possessor-- so, "The license to be found is of/belonging to all cows." There might be a more elegant way to put it.
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The impersonal licet is far, far more common than licentia est (3260 occurrences in classical Latin vs. 7).

and for the meaning "every cow" quisque is better than omnis, since you want a distributive: you want to say that each cow taken individually has this right, not all of them as a collective.

I'm not really sure what you mean by 'find,' but I guess invenio will work.

So: cuique bovi inveniri licet.

Someone else might be able to improve it further.
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OK. we've got

Bovibus omnibus inveniri licentia est.
All cows have a right to be found.
(But "have a right" here means they can be, it's allowed, not prevented, like I have a right to vote.)

cuique bovi inveniri licet.
Each cow is allowed to be found.

Do we want something like

Boves omnes inveniri merentur.
All cows deserve to be / are worthy of being found ?

By the way, we're all assuming this applies to all cattle. If you really mean just female ones, it's vacis instead of bovibus and vacae instead of bovi and boves.
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