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Please suggest names for a healthy living website...

A close friend and I are starting a business where we guide people on healthy life choices, offer personal training (she is certified) and generally guide people on the optimal nutrition and how to stay away from processed sugars and flour. We are flummoxed over a name. We want it to be catchy yet elegant? Does that make sense? Help us hive, we have brain freeze.
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you get the idea?
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Where are you located? Does your business have a particular focus or target audience? What sets you apart from other trainers?
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One thing to consider: you might want two brand names: one for men and one for women, bearing in mind that they typically want different things from fitness coaching and want their fitness coaching to be done differently.

For example, near me there is a company aimed at women with a great name: Fit For a Princess
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Happy Healthy
Your Best You
Optimal Me
Healthy Path
Whole Life Works
Life Prep

(A place name in front might be nice. Give us more info!)
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Yes, give us a sample post, perhaps.
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