Who can I hire in Portland to convert an analog slideshow to digital?
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One of my aunts has a slideshow of her life (meaning actual slides in a slide projector) that has been matched with some music on cassette tapes. My aunt's family would like this transferred to DVD. They lack the technical know-how and money to get this done, so they've turned to me for help. If I had time, I could convert the slides and cassettes to digital format. I don't have time. I do have money, though. Can you recommend a company in Portland, Oregon that will convert an analog slideshow to digital? Cost is no object, really. If there are no good options in Portland, I'm willing to consider shipping this elsewhere to get the work accomplished.
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I just had some old slides converted to jpegs at Walgreens. They did a very nice job and it cost almost nothing. Completely non-distructive so give them a try before going to a more expensive camera shop.
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You may need to use two or three companies to accomplish this work, as there might not be a company that offers the whole package.

ScanCafe would be a good option to convert the slides to digital images.

If your timeline is a concern, best to hire local shops to do the job as ScanCafe takes a few weeks. If you have a large collection of slides and have a good amount of time to complete the project, I would definitely recommend having ScanCafe digitize the slides. Then you can bring discs of the digital images to a local shop to get the rest of the work done.

Story Mountain Productions ought to be able to handle the audio digitization with ease and they would be able to edit together the final slideshow. And they can probably quote you for the whole project as well.

Your project is has three components, (digitizing the slides, digitizing the audio, editing together a final slideshow) so expect to pay out the ears if one company does the whole project.

Other possible options are:
Peter Corvallis Productions
Video Services, Inc.

Times of Your Life DVDs is in MN, but they may be a good option.
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