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How do you go about releasing songs on Beatport?

I have some tracks that I'd like to release on Beatport (tech/house). Does anyone have some simple advice on how to do this?

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It seems there are a number of distributors (note: comments on that thread may be distributor spam). There is also Record Union (as mentioned in this musician thread).

In short: it looks like you'll be paying someone to get involved at some point. The difference between the prices I've seen is on when you get charged, and if a percentage is taken at any point.
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Start a label or get someone to sign you.

Honestly, it's a complete waste of time to get on beatport if you don't have a label promoting you, or you don't have some way to promote yourself (ie, thousands of friends of facebook). You will almost definitely not make any money, regardless. I've got friends who hit the top 10 chart in their genre who got paid nothing.

You're better off just putting the songs on soundcloud and if you're actually good, probably even better off sending your track directly to the DJs you want to play your songs as exclusives. EDM is still very much 'who you know', so you should really try to get to know people in the tech house scene.
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