Why do I tear up my shoes like this??
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Why do I tear up my shoes like this?? I do this to all of my tennis shoes. Is there an insert or something that I can place in my shoes to help stop this nonsense?
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I do that, too. A shoe salesman once explained that was just the shape of my foot. Some shoe repair shops have adhesive pads that you can put there.
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Have you tried using a shoe horn? In my opinion it looks like you're wearing it out when you're sliding your foot in and out.
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My shoes always look like that, my husband's never do. The difference is that he unties and loosens his shoes every time he takes them off and puts them on. I just leave them tied and shove my foot in there.
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I do that to my shoes. I always assumed it's because I have extremely narrow feet, so my heel slips around when I walk.
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The thing you're looking for is called a "heel grip".
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This happens to me. But it only happens with a certain brand of sneakers (which name alludes me now). Has never happened with my Nikes. So I stick with those.
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Do you untie your shoes when you get in and out, or just jam your foot in?
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All of my favorite shoes used to look like that over time since I have bone spurs that stick out the back of my feet and rip shoes to shreds.

I now take any shoe with a solid heelcup to my local cobbler and have them line it with neoprene. They use some kind of magical glue that seems to hold forever no matter what I do (I used to go through the regular sticky heel grips in less than a day).
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seconding that's how you get ants above. I bet you're doing something weird and forceful when you put your shoes on/off. Try fully untying and opening your shoes and use a show horn if necessary. Also, if you have a habit of kicking your shoes on/off absentmindedly when you're sitting down, don't do that.
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I did that to some (nice!) boots - it's definitely about taking them off without untying.
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Get velcro shoes.
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Mine do that because my foot slides around in them. The shoes that fit me really well never have that happen. Also the logo on the inside of the soles always get rubbed off.
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Do you use the toes on one foot to hold the back side of the other shoe while you kick them off? That's what does it to me. I also slide my feet in and step heel down on top part of the back to wear my sneakers as if they were clogs.
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I remembered the name of the shoes:

Rykas - it only happens with my Rykas
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Happens with mine too.

I get blisters on the back of my heel since my foot size is 10 on one and 10.25 with the other so size 10 is too small and 10.5 is just a tad too big for one foot without sliding around.

I got some New Balance shoes and am actually taking the time to tie & untie each time, maybe that will help.

Also, I learned that these shoes actually have a fancy way to tie them now, there's that last set of eyelets up top that seem too low -- they're there to make a bridge for one extra loop of lace before you start tying the knot proper.

So make sure you're tying up properly, too.
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This happens to me too and I'm really careful about tying/untying. I have really pointy heels, so have always assumed it is that. If shoes fit really well and my feet don't slide around at all then this doesn't happen. I have a pair of earth shoes that are in that category currently, but I haven't found any good gym shoes yet.
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That happens to me, but it only started when I started putting on / removing shoes without untying them and loosening the laces. So if this is correlated with not untiying your shoes, I think your only recourse is to start untying them every time you put them on or take them off.

Also, you might consider how long it takes for this issue to develop and whether it means "time to get new shoes." When mine start looking like this I relegate them to the exercise / get smelly pool and buy some new ones.
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It would seem I'm not the only one that is lazy and has this problem. I'm now convinced that my practice of keeping my shoe laces loose enough to enable me to slip my foot in and out without having to tie my shoes is the cause.

Thanks all.
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