Like a sitcom, but in my ears
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Scripted comedy podcasts?

Many of the comedy podcasts I've seen recommended here and elsewhere, are of the same general format: a handful of funny people sit around a microphone and toss banter around. While some of these (Seven Second Delay is one) can be good, I'd prefer something with a more scripted format.

Sketch shows might be all right, but what I really want is something with recurring characters in absurd situations and running jokes that get funnier week after week. Like a sitcom, but in my ears.

For reference as to my sense of humor, I love love love Wiretap. I've also listened to the Pod F. Tompkast and for the most part found it grating. Anything else I should try?
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PFT's a regular on The Best Show on WFMU, which does a lot of scripted and intricate skits with recurring characters, though they're live on the air.
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Have you listened to Superego?
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CBC hasd a few:

Comedy Factory
The Irrelevant Show
Laugh Out Loud

These are all sketch or standup but one might fit your bill: Vinyl Cafe Stories. It's basically a sitcom.
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Rob Heubal just started doing Mike Detective recently w/ Neil Campbell & Scott Aukerman writing. Might something you'd dig.
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On The Best Show - there's Best Show Gems which is (generally) the scripted, absurd, running joke-filled Scharpling/Wurster Newbridge bits without all the callers.
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Not directly what you asked for, but the BBC has a continuing tradition of radio sketch comedy and sitcoms.

You should be able to listen to a wide variety of stuff via their iPlayer.
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Vinyl Cafe Stories is too... wholesome for me, I think. And to be clear, I don't like Pod F Tompkast.

Checking out the others now. Please keep the suggestions coming if there are more!
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The Thrilling Adventure Hour? I've only listened to a couple of episodes so far - it's a live performance recorded in the style of the old radio shows. The first episode seemed like it would have been funnier as a videocast, but the next worked perfectly as audio-only.
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Seconding Thrilling Adventure Hour and Mike Detective. And the Pod F. Tompkast has it in smaller doses -- he usually plays a sketch from his stage show, and does an ongoing scripted phone conversation bit with several of his characters, but those aren't his whole show.

Wiretap is something you may enjoy as well.
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And my god, I must have just skimmed the second part of your question. So let me add another: The David Feldman comedy podcast does scripted bit alot. Not always great, but I always love Eddie Pepitone on there.
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Sean Cullen has a podcast. Sean Cullen is hilarious.
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The Great Eastern is probably one of the greatest Canadian (or Newfoundland and Labrador) radio comedies of all time. More about the show.
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Some of Geologic is scripted, some of it isn't, but it's worth checking out if you're into the any of the subject material (mostly music, skepticism, and general weirdness). He does both sketches and rants.
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The "10 O'Clock Live" podcast from, um, BBC 4?, is basically all but the sight gags from the weekly show. As such, it's recorded live but bvbiously scripted.

I like it a lot (though maybe that's because I have been listening to it while I paint my house...).
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