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we can’t figure this out… is the guy saying “simply to simplifiy” or “simply the semper fi” at [nsfw/violent lyrics] this timestamp at 3m30s
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"simply to simplify shit"
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Sounds like semper fi to me (which would kinda match all the Green Beret/MIA/military talk), but this page disagrees...
posted by artemisia at 1:15 PM on April 25, 2011

Simply to simplify, is what I hear.
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artemisia, the ohhla lyrics are significantly off .. yeah that's what we're thinking the military talk makes the semper fi suggestion kinda intriguing

it's a bit of a juicy issue cause this is basically one of the greatest verses ever when it comes to hardcore 90s east coast stuff and if it's semper fi that just upgrades the line even more
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Almost definitely 'semper fi'. You can hear him say the L sound in "simply", and it just isn't there in the next bit.
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If you listen to the same verse performed on an earlier EP, I'm pretty sure he's saying simplify. (Me, I like Semper Fi better.)
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my vote is with inigo2.
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cowboy_sally, you are awesome for being familiar with that. thanks for the link it clarifies a lot of different words if he meant to spit the same exact verse (e.g. where ohhla et al hear "save that BS for the burbs" it seems like he meant to say "birds")
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I love Prodigy, but man does he mumble.
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