Trying to get to the root of what's causing my dog's reoccurring discharge.
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Can you help me identify this reoccurring discharge my dog is having? Pictures included.

I have an American Bulldog that is almost two years old. She's been fixed for over a year. She has had this discharge three or four times, the last time the vet saying it was probably a UTI. Each time she goes she gets anti-biotics and it seemingly goes away. I can't be 100 percent sure it goes away since she licks herself immediately when it discharges and I'm not always around. The second time she had it we were sure it went away because she wore an e-collar for two weeks. It's rare that I actually see it. I've included pictures so you can get a visual. The first is the start of it and the second is what it looks like once it's out.

Vaginal discharge
Discharge on shirt
Obligatory no discharge picture

I'll be taking her back to the vet in a few days so they can do some kind of swab, we just all seem to be confused right now.
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Some dogs have recurrent UTIs. It sounds like the antibiotics are treating it each time. If you feel there is more your vet could be doing (have they cultured the urine?) get a second opinion. I would go get the swab done (probably culturing the discharge) with your regular vet and see if that gives them any answers.

Another sounds like your dog may be a compulsive licker, which can actually cause UTIs or make them worse. Try to really discourage her from licking if you can.
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Response by poster: virginia_clemm: Thanks for the tip. She likes to lick anything a lot. We've discouraged it and she's been a lot better. It's a slow process, that's for sure.
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Our malamute has an irregularly shaped vagina which results in urine staying in there causing recurring UTIs.

I'm NOT saying this is the problem with your dog just ours. Anyway we don't want to keep her on antibiotics constantly so instead she has to be cleaned in that area in the morning after she does her duties and at night after the last pee of the night.

My GF does this, as she had the dog before we got together, she uses hypoallergenic baby wipes and when necessary shaves the area due too irritation from long hairs.

Having said that she never gets a viscous discharge like your dog- just a god awful smell.

But maybe judicious regular cleaning there could help.
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Her discharge looks just like the discharge my dog got from recurrent UTIs. We were given a food that reduced crystals in her urine and it totally cleared up. We even had to make her treats from the wet version of the low crystal food. She was on the (insanely expensive) special food for a couple of months and then no more UTIs.

So maybe ask your vet for the special food. I'm sorry I can't remember what it was called.
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Response by poster: dchrssyr: Right now she is on Acana dog food. She needs the grain-free food because her stomach is so sensitive. I'll be sure to ask about the possibility of crystals in her urine.
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Response by poster: Max Power: That's probably always an option for us. I'll ask about it at her next visit.
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