Party like it's 1991 in a maternity ward.
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Where in south east Asia can 16 adults - half 20s, half 40s - have a good time for a week. Requirements: beach and relaxation for all, nightclubs and shopping for some. Not too overblown but not too quiet and within a day's easy travel of a main airport. Hotel / resort / villa recommendations welcome. Budget up to US/Aus $70 per person per night.

Two generations of my extended family have a great time together. Next year two of the younger are turning 21 and want an Asian beach party/nightclub adventure with mum and dad along. Aunties, uncles and cousins want to come too. Excellent!

Not Phuket, not Kuta, not too far from the tourist route but not right in the thick of backpacker bedlam either.

Where have you been in beach-side south east Asia that could fit the bill?
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Do you have local friends? I ask this because locals will be able to get much better prices than internationals. There are places in Vietnam (Da Nang) where five-star resorts cost $40 per night if you happen to have a local (with a local phone number) who can call and make the reservation for you.
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Pattaya, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan

Young'uns can hit the Full Moon Party and the older ones can just lay on the beach with their fruity umbrella drinks
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I really liked Hoi An in Vietnam. Some people hate it. It's a small city with lots of bars and restaurants catering to tourists, but the beach is quite nice and shared by foreigners and tourists alike. There's a nice brewery and restaurant on the beach as well.

I had a huge, clean, double-bed room for about 20 dollars a night all to myself.

I've heard Cui Me is even nicer.
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