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Attempting to identify a comic book artist!

I regularly read the web comic Subnormality by the artist (who gives a pseudonym only) Winston Rowntree. I really enjoy the artwork and the content of the comic itself.

A few weeks ago I was in Barnes & Noble when I picked up a comic book and started flipping through it. Shocked, I went back and flipped through it more slowly. It was the same artist! The same style! Stupidly, I didn't write down anything and I now don't remember much of anything about the comic book, but that there was a gritty city quality, as there usually is to this person's work, to the visual content.

Is it possible that anyone can help me? I understand that the artist studiously gives a pen name because he/she would rather keep their projects separate. However, what if I really enjoy the work? I'd really love to find more by the Subnormality / Abnormality artist. Thanks!
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Are you sure it was under a different name? From reading a couple of interviews, it looks like Rowntree does all of his cartooning under that name.
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Response by poster: I have no idea. If anything, I really just need help re-finding the comic book.
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On the web comic's "about" page, the artist says he's happy to get email with inquiries about his art, and that he's don't illustration work "for such clients as ECW Press and". Perhaps you could email him and ask for a bibliography so you can find more of his work, perhaps even describe the one you saw and ask if that was him. I bet he'd be flattered.
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"don't" was supposed to be "done" and I can't even blame it on auto-correct.
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My resident comics expert had this to say:

"Was it any of these?:

My understanding of Rowntree (whom I also follow) is that he has a pseudonym he uses for all his comics work and a real name he uses for a different pursuit altogether. But I can't find anything under that name at or B& At any rate, he's posted e-mail addresses as and"
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