What was this disaster movie?
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Movie ID: Disaster film, sabotage at a nuclear plant? (not The China Syndrome)

I vaguely recall seeing part of a movie 20+ years ago on TV. Recollection is hazy, but it takes place at a nuclear or chemical plant that is in danger of an imminent (or ongoing) disaster.

  • The disaster was deliberately caused by a single worker
  • I think it takes place at a nuclear power plant because of radiation/contamination
  • At some point the employees discover that someone (saboteur) has hidden themselves in the contaminated area. May have been dying(?)
  • Vaguely recall a lunch pail figuring into the plot, possibly used to smuggle something in, but could be conflating with another movie.
  • Probably from the 70's or 80's
I'd always thought this was The China Syndrome, but I just watched that and it definitely wasn't it. I've also scanned Wiki's Disaster Film list and didn't see anything from that era. Could have been made for TV.
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There's an episode of MacGuyver that matches almost all of these points.
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Here it is.
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Thanks, but pretty sure that's not it. The person who was hiding I'm 90% sure was a man and dying from the contamination/radiation, and I think was the saboteur.
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I'm currently thinking it might have been the made-for-TV Red Alert (1977). There's not much info on it online, but this synopsis sounds pretty close to the mark.
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Red Alert did have a lunch pail as a significant plot point in it, and if memory serves the bomber was someone who was sick from radiation.
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Does the climax involve a giant hook traveling the length of the reactor unit to........unhook something? And a guy hangs onto the hook to prevent it from doing its hooky thing? He saves the day.
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Was the bad guy named Ives? If so, Red Alert is the film you want.
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Oh, good lord! I didn't know until just now: Michael Crichton, the author, died a couple of years back.

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Yeah, Spike, that's the climax of the film.
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