Videos with easy to follow inter-personal interactions.
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Looking for simple videos with easy-to-follow interpersonal interactions with a white/plain background, with limited camera angle changes. Use of sarcasm or other subtle social cues appreciated.

Something similar to a children's show skit or a ESL video. Nothing lengthy, just a few minutes or less. Want to use it as an example to show with a PowerPoint presentation, so it being online would be a plus.

Will be using it as part of a presentation on ASD and possible treatments using rTMS.

Any suggestions would be great.
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I was thinking something more with real people, less drawings.
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Would any of the the Mac/PC commercials work? Maybe this one?
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Not sure if these will work for you, but maybe:

There was a recent video posted to the front page of Mefi with a boyfriend applying his girlfriend's makeup. (I think there are other videos of boyfriends applying girlfriends' makeup too, if you search around Youtube for them.)

There are the short video interviews in When Harry Met Sally, of couples who have been together for many years - they have friendly loving interactions that may involving making fun of each other, but in a nice way. here are some of the When Harry Met Sally videos.
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The 'How To' series of EFL videos on LearnEnglish (disclosure: with which I have some connection) are short, simple, contain personal interaction, include lots of social cues and are shot on a plain white background without too many camera angles.
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