Where can I buy a Wake 'n' Bacon alarm clock ASAP?
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Where can I buy a Wake 'n' Bacon alarm clock?

Are they even available for commercial purchase? I can't find one anywhere but need to.

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It doesn't seem to be available commercially. It simply seems to be a way to reheat precooked bacon. I certainly wouldn't want my bedroom and its contents to smell of bacon, I'm not the target audience I suppose...
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Buy an electric griddle, put a piece of frozen bacon in, and plug the electric griddle into a lamp timer set to wake you up. Taadaa! Cooked bacon in the morning.
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I'm not trying to be funny when I post this link regarding the risks of the idea of putting a griddle in your room with bacon in it overnight and having it turn on.
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That attuword story is old and broken.

Here's a March 2011 blog entry from one of the makers who designed said clock. It's pretty clearly not a marketed product, but a design which others are invited to emulate. Googling around, it seems that a lot of the "news" stories about the wake-n-bacon just want to say "OMG! These guys built this funny bacon clock thing! Bacon! also, waking up sux. amirite? Bacon!!!"

So no, not available for commercial purpose. You'd need to make your own, or find someone to make one for you.
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IAmAMicrobiologist, IMNYMicrobiologist YMMV

So long as it does not stay at room temperature for more than four hours and as long as it ends up thoroughly cooked, it should be fine. If you sleep for 8 hours, and can keep the bacon cold for at least 4 hours, this could work with a foreman grill set to turn on as an alarm.
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This was on Shark Tank and went unfunded although one of the Sharks offered the guy what seemed like a lot of money for his prototype.

Sounds expensive to produce, with the lawsuits only being part of the expense.
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i went to grad school with matty and saw the very first prototype before it was ever presented in class; will send him this link and see if he's got anything to add to what people've said already.
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lia - Please do. I have a loved on who would be absolutely thrilled to get one for her birthday.
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