It's not REALLY illegal, honest...
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I need a webhost who can turn the other way to things to media that is sort of the grey zone of legality.

I currently run a video games website, and we're looking for a place to store ripped soundtracks, TV commercials, vocal data, etc. without getting constantly harassed for it. The age of the stuff ranges from 1991 to about 1997, so it's not like it's the GTA:San Andreas soundtrack or anything. BitTorrent support is a huge plus as well. Is there any good, cheap webhost who can fulfill these needs?
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Maybe I know they let you store porn.
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I'm a big fan of They will fight for you if someone tries to shut you down and host all sorts of content. Best of all, there is not a monthly fee, you make a deposit and they just charge $1 a gig of transfer.
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I recently switched to, and I like it a lot as well. However, their terms of service do clearly state that you may not host illegal (in the USA) content. The difference between them and most other ISPs is that they will not immediately bow to the MPAA/RIAA/gov't.
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Haganah::Internet is a blog which tracks the websites of terrorist organizations. They often mention the hosts.

If they're hosting a terrorist group, you should be okay with them.
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aren't the nearlyfreespeech servers auto banned by many filters?
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