Help me get my Doctor Who!
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Is iTunes my only option for getting Doctor Who Season 6 online?

I don't have a television but still want to see the new season of Doctor Who! Amazon showed Season 5 episodes but I can't see Season 6 there. Does that just leave iTunes (ick)?
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That, or patience.
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Or, you know, torrents, not that I'd ever condone torrenting anything of course.
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Best answer: It's not! It's also available via Amazon Instant Video.
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Oops, I see that you mentioned Amazon under the cut. But season 6 is indeed available there. The premiere just might not be up until late tonight or tomorrow. Currently the only content available at the season 6 link I posted is behind-the-scenes stuff.
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Response by poster: Thanks, rhiannonstone! I wonder why I couldn't find that.
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There are streams (you can usually find one on Justin TV) so you can watch during the initial airing, and aside from torrents which are naturally bad and dishonest, there are typically direct downloads available within a couple of minutes after the episode is over in the UK. Not that I'm into that or anything.
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Following mewithoutyou's comment, it airs at 6pm in the UK, which is 1pm on the East Coast.

Just thought I'd tell you that for no reason at all.
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Definitely torrents, usually released 6 mins after it airs. Then when they finally want to take your money, either through itunes or DVD, or whatever shop you like, buy it to make sure they keep making it.
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