Slideshow Bob needs help !
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I need to make about 3-4 different jpeg slideshows that can be burned to a DVD. Nothing fancy, but it would be nice to add text to the images ( I have Photoshop, so that's not critical), and be able to control the speed (very critical) to maybe 30 seconds per slide/jpeg. Total images would be less than 50. Autoplay a plus. I am using Windows 7, and love simple to use free stuff, but would pay 50-100 if it is worth it. What am I looking for?
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Response by poster: I should have used the (more inside) feature. I have PowerPoint, but this is going to be used with a TV via a DVD player. Can I use PP for that ? I only have a burner (Roxio) with no visible controls. I would also like this presentation to keep looping.
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Check out this tutorial using only freeware.
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You might have to make a submenu system for the speed to be fully controllable however. (eg. each submenu would act as a slide that you could click through with a remote) Otherwise, you could also pause in between each transition.
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Best answer: Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 should be able to do what you want, and has a nice, simple interface. As a bonus, Microsoft offers it as a free download.
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Yes, you can do this with PowerPoint. Let me know which version you have and I can give you more specifics, but mainly you need to set some slideshow settings, and some transitions. (The transitions can be simple - no need for fancy star effects or anything - but you need something so that you can set the timing.)

You can then save it as a Windows Media Video and burn to cd.
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Response by poster: SuperSquirrel, I actually have the Open Office version "Present", but I can save in .PPT. I wonder if that will work...on a stand alone TV DVD combo with continuous loop?
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Do you want to watch these slideshows on a DVD player? If so, then SuperSquirrel's method won't give you DVD-Video compatible output files. For viewing only on Windows PCs, though, that should be OK.
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Response by poster: My question was poorly articulated, sorry. In simple terms, I want make a JPEG slideshow with added text, ( no music, or fancy transitions ) that would play on any DVD player without any user input. Sort of like those info kiosks at national parks, museums, or stores that just keep on playing over and over. The text is not just a title, its more of a description, so the slides need to allow for reading time. Ideally, someone could just plug it in ( scrolling through a menu at the start is OK), start it, and let it run as long as needed on a continuous loop. I have downloaded Windows Movie Maker, and it looks like it will serve the purpose. Thanks cpdavy. I did look at Inspector.Gadget's ( Thank you) suggestion, but the Windows Movie maker seemed like a less steep learning curve.Thanks also to amanda and samsara. This project has a short deadline, and I appreciate all the input.
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Sorry, I don't know anything about Present. I doubt if just saving it to .ppt would work for your purposes though.

A kludge-y idea is to use a screencasting tool like CamStudio to record the slideshow as you run it in Present. Then use the resulting .avi or .flv file for running on/importing to whatever media you need. Although I think cpdavy's idea of Movie Maker might be a better choice than CamStudio. (But I've used CamStudio a lot and it is very simple.)
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Response by poster: Oh God, I forgot to thank SuperSquirrel ! Please don't come over and knock trees down on my house !
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Ha! Too late! Commence chattering, my minions!
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Response by poster: Ha.... I was expect the Fark squirrel !
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