What is Time Machine Backing Up?
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Why is Time Machine backing up nearly a Gigabyte every time?

I have an external Hard Drive which I use to backup my MacBook Pro. Every single time it backs up it has to copy just shy of a gigbyte of files. I have no idea what is causing this as I have all of the regularly changing folders exempted from the backup (eg, my Downloads folder, Trash and Caches). What on earth is accumulating 900 Megs of change per hour? When I'm not doing anything other than browsing the web?
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Do you have anything browser-related kept in a .dmg file or any other file containing a file-system? Touching anything within such a file will trigger a backup of the whole container. (Sparse-bundle .dmg can be backed up a little more efficiently but still by an amount larger than the contained file that was touched.)
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Do you use a virtual machine to run Windows or Linux from within OS X? If so, make sure the machine image is excluded.
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Are you using FileVault? This would cause a backup of your entire user folder as a unit, each time.
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No to all three, though if it helps I do dual boot with Windows 7, though this happens if I leave OSX running and do not boot into Windows.
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Are you running a local mail client like thunderbird?
Large mailbox files will update every time a new email arrives.
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No to mail client either, I use hotmail... It's really perplexing.
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TimeTracker might show you what's changed between backups -- bottom of the page.
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I wrote a little command-line utility awhile ago to figure out what's changed in a Time Machine backup. It's not exactly built for user-friendliness though, sorry!
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I said TimeTracker might - but it will, I just tested out myself - works on the current version of snow leopard.
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TimeTracker did the trick. It was a log file from mongodb, a part of an old diaspora installation I was playing with.
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