Looking to buy a cute, non-wool rug
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Looking to buy a cute, non-wool rug.

I love rugs with a cute pattern such as this one or this one from Anthropologie. Only problem, those two designs are both made with wool, and I'm vegan (and also allergic, but not the main reason).

The Liberty of London collection that Target briefly had is another good reference point for the style I'm looking for. Any ideas for a place to buy something nice online?
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Urban Outfitters - there's this one and this one and many, many more. From what I can see, they're cotton.
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I think Flor tiles are nylon unless otherwise specified. Stitch in Time, Flora, and Mag-Neat-O are three of the more colorful ones. They're also recyclable.
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Home Decorators has a selection that is searchable by material. I love many of their designs and I've purchased two of their rugs. The rugs are of relatively good quality but what really won me over was the designs.
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Overstock has a ridiculous number of rugs. You can sort by material, although it doesn't seem to work completely correctly. Two examples that you might like: Dershyl Ivory Floral Rug, and Brown Floral Rug.
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I wish I was more help, with a brand name and model, but I'll throw this out for what it's worth -- "Hautelook.com" has rugs pop up semi-regularly -- you will have to go and sign up (bugmenot.com will probably have a login to use to peek) and check the e-mails until some show up, but they have had some really stunning things, many not in wool, great prices. I bought a nifty jute one from them a few months ago -- admittedly unexciting stripes, but, great colours.
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Response by poster: Good suggestions all! thank you!
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