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Does anyone out know of any good urban real-estate development and architecture on-line resources or blogs?

I'm looking for sites that aggregate articles on real estate development, particularly creative urban projects. I can't afford the $300+ to read Urban Land, so I'm looking for some lower cost, preferably free alternatives. Topics from related fields such as urban planning and finance and market analysis are also welcome.
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Hewn and Hammered (it has some pottery posts at the top, but generally it's more architecture-related), and Pixel Points at ArtsJournal is on architecture. Beyond Brilliance, City Comforts, New Urban Progress, and ArchNewsNow are good reads too. [The last one has a daily email as well!]
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curbed often has stuff like that, too.
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These come from Crooked Timber's academic blog roll that was linked in another AskMe question up the page a bit. I just stumbled across them and had remembered your question so I don't know them. (under: 'Architecture/Urban Development')--

City Comforts (urban planning)
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Are you looking for information on developments from an academic or investing point-of-view?
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The various sites in the family might have some of what you want - they also do a weekly best-of email.

I third the plug for City Comforts too, I really like it.
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Response by poster: junesix : I guess investing - I'm a consultant and my job is advise others on their investments. What I'm looking for is something that tells the story innovative urban projects from the developer's P.O.V.

And I recall askmatrix mentioning that he has a real estate blog, but his profile does not give a url. askmatrix, where are you?
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Well thanks for suggesting Hewn & Hammered. I run that site - but I also co-edit, with a number of professional planners, GIS analysts and even a dark side developer type and some academics, Urban Cartography, which might be more useful to you. And City Comforts is always good.
posted by luriete at 9:45 PM on May 7, 2005 has some stuff like that, mostyl brooklyn related.
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