Possible Masonic symbol? Something else entirely?
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What is this weird symbol carved in stone?

My parents bought a new house, and while we were cleaning out what we think might be a pumphouse out back, we found this (click for picture -- sorry for the crappy cell phone shot).

Each side is probably a foot long, and it's very heavy (marble, maybe?). My dad thinks its a masonic symbol of the York Rite, but he's not sure.
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A six-pointed star is the Star of David. Whether or not that's actually what it's intended to be (as opposed to simply a 6-pointed star) I can't tell. Is possible it's a Masonic Hexagram.
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Not a Masonic symbol, so it's not York Rite.
Possibly, a Martinist symbol?
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Probably just a decorative Star of David motif. Check out google images, there's one similar on the second page, I think.
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There are a couple symbols just like yours outside the Rockefeller Museum.
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Looks like the Star of David, as others have said.
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Could be a damaged, unused gravestone. A lot of times errors ended up being used as paving stones or whatever.
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It's a Star of David with a Tudor rose in the middle.
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I don't think it's a Tudor rose, but just a rosette.
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Looks like granite to me.
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The first thing that popped into my head (and this is just a gut intuition, not anything educated) is Rosicrucianism. Some cursory Googling suggests that the Rosicrucians do use the six-pointed star in some of their symbolism, as well as the five-petaled rosette. I couldn't find any instances of the two symbols together, though.
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can you give a bit more information as to where this house is?
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And it could definitely be from Freemasonry
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Star of david plus flower
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dropped my link ">http://l.thumbs.canstockphoto.com/canstock1058933.jpg
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