Can-I-Eat-It Filter: The Unrefrigerated Jelly Episode
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Is it safe to eat this unrefrigerated strawberry jelly?

Whole Foods 365 Strawberry Fruit Spread, left out for ~24 hours. The jar says refrigerate after opening. I refrigerated it at the 24-hour point. It's been a week. Is it safe to eat it? Would you eat it?
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Jelly... if it doesn't have mold on it, I wouldn't worry about it...
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Absolutely I would fear!
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Best answer: If it smells and tastes edible, it's fine.

Sugar is a preservative. Refrigeration just helps it last longer.
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Best answer: Absolutely eat. Jelly and jams predate fridges and people lived eating them in their unrefirdgerated state.
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Yes! Give it a good look and a whiff. If you are still skeezed out after that then toss it since you are probably more concerned with peace of mind. It's a sugar spread - it will be fine unrefridgerated for such a short period.
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The usual two ways for jelly to go south is either to start developing alcohol, which you can smell, taste and see, or to get moldy. That's, like, after a few months or so out in the cupboard. 24 hours is nothing. Go ahead.
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Maddeningly unclear. Unrefrigerated does not mean opened and unrefrigerated. If you have not opened it, not a problem, until you reach the badlands of the expiration date. If you mean left out, after opening it, for 24 hours, that's a question for the Can-I-Eat Filter, or rather its coordinate council, the Jar-I-Eat Filter.
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Response by poster: Sorry if there was confusion: it was opened and then left out for 24 h. It looks fine and smells fine. I was just thinking of the children!

Thank you all for saving me $3.49.
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I don't refrigerate jelly or jam, not even after opening. Once, a couple of years ago, I tossed a nearly-empty jar of apricot preserves that had developed some mold on it, but that's the only problem. I feed said unrefrigerated jelly to my 4 year old all the time. You're fine.
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Go forth and eat your strawberry jelly. It takes a minimum of a month to go south without refrigeration (which is as Namlit describes). I have tested this theory at my desk at work.
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