What was that cool building David Adjaye did?
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I recently saw architect David Adjaye give a presentation. He showed slides of an interesting gallery/art museum he designed. It's on an island, off the coast of Croatia, I think. The building is half-buried and may be solar-powered. I can't find it on google. Anybody know?
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What date did you see the presentation, and where (city, venue)?
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Response by poster: April 26, The School of the Art Institute, Chicago
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This isn't by him, or in Croatia, but it is an art museum on an island, half-underground. It's not the Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum in Japan is it?
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Try emailing his firm. They should know.

It seems like a dominant element of his buildings is light and solar power, mostly allowing the interior to heat up by the placement of windows. I've seen other buildings that are half underground so then to cool the house. So it's not unique to this Croatia museum.
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