Jacket: similar but cheaper.
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I am in love with this jacket. Where can I get a similar one more cheaply?

Things that I like about it:
- unlined
- light weight
- casual
- it looks awesome.

I'm not so concerned about the color.

Also, what is the general opinion
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Since you asked for opinion -

I think it looks sort of weird. I like the unlined / casual nature as well, but most blazers are two (or something three) button. With the buttons going all the way up to the top it looks sort of like a Nehru jacket to me.

For alternatives, try this one from Gap or even these (1, 2) from Old Navy. If you're looking for a more miltary jacket-type thing (instead of something blazer-y), this looks OK.

The words you might want to use while searching are "unstructured blazer" or "chino blazer". Good luck!
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Well, since you asked, I agree with rossination that it looks kind of weird. I like the unlined look, but too many buttons and would look odd unbuttoned. On the other hand, if you are tall and skinny, it might just work.
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I think it looks just fine, but it's definitely not a blazer. It's a shop coat.

Here's a Dickies one for under forty bucks.
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dunno if this one is cheap enough for you, but this one from asos is pretty similar.

i don't really get why it looks "weird" -- i think it's a perfectly fine spring jacket and the one on the model looks pretty good!
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I like Sys Rq's shop coat - IMHO, the one that haptic linkd to looks like it's trying to be both a shop coat AND a blazer (and it calls itself a blazer).

But yes, if you're looking for a shop coat, then I like the Dickies one quite a bit. Always wished I could pull off that look a bit better myself. :)
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I like it. I used to have one like it myself, years ago. Purchased, I think, at Banana Republic back when they actually sold surplus-like stuff. I'm by no means an authority, but as a broad category I call that a worker's jacket — the kind of thing you might expect, say, a grocer or a tradesman to wear. Perhaps a British one, from a bygone era. Not, I think, a sack coat, but approaching it. You might find things you like going by that name, too.

This "Commis Jacket" strikes me as being similar, but no less expensive. Eeep, or this one for even more.

It's a look for the thin. If you can wear it, do so.
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Here's a Shopstyle search for unlined cotton jacket in men's outerwear, price range $25 - $150.

This one's pretty close, but not much of a savings. Ditto for this one.

A little cheaper, but more blazer-like.

Getting warmer? Even cheaper.
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Hah, I didn't even realize at first that the last two links in my answer go to the same site you originally cited. It appears that the Matlow is their cut-rate version of the Milliner. You lose the "wire edges" (whatever those are) and "real horn buttons", and go to S/M/L sizing, but you also lose half the price.
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This looks like what I've seen called a "shirt jacket."

Anyway, I found a few other examples, but nothing cheap. But maybe the descriptions will help you search: Ben Sherman, Theory, Engineered Garments
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I don't agree that it looks weird, although the real test is when you put it on of course.

If you're long and lean and wear it with skinny jeans and maybe shoes that are more pointy than not, I can see it working great.

If you're a bit tubby, though, I don't see the jacket having enough structure to hold you in. You could wear it unbuttoned if that's the case, but it might then just sort of hang down like scrungy old curtains. So you need to think about how you're going to style it.
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It's not weird at all, it's chic. It's not a shirt jacket either, but an unstructured nehru, or shop jacket, as cited above. You could get lucky at H&M Mens, or Forever 21, or Zara. I think you'll have to do legwork as opposed to searching on line. Good luck finding it ... might be worth foregoing groceries for a couple weeks!
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I have a jacket pretty similar to this; it's by a company called D Collection who sells exclusivly through Urban outfitters. They have a few things on sale right now.
It is my favorite jacket.
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I'd try H&M, in particular their L.O.G.G. line. It's a great jacket. I have a similar one that's cut for a woman. They only bummer is that the lapels tend to roll up after being washed and need to be ironed flat again so watch out for that.
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