Late-night PDX hangouts that aren't 18+?
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My 16-year-old sister and I will be in Portland, OR tomorrow and we need to kill some time between 8PM and 1AM. Know of any places, activities, or events that go late and aren't 18+?

In a pinch, I can take her to see a movie and then find a Dennys to hang out at, but I was hoping for something a little more exciting...
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It's only open until 11, but Powell's is not to be missed.
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I would take her to Comedysportz.
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Sorry, click on the "Shows" tab. I linked to the main page instead of Shows. Starts at 8 PM, totally clean humor but hilarious!
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I am a terrible judge of what 16 year olds might like, but perhaps this list of (ostensibly) All-Ages events on Saturday via the Mercury has interesting things for you on it.
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Wunderland is open until Midnight.

There's multiple locations, but I've only been to the SE Belmont one. It's an arcade with all types of games: shoot-'em-ups, skee-ball, racing, dance dance revolution, etc. You pay a small admission fee (I can't remember how much around $2 or $3 per person) and all the games take nickels. Some games are only 5 cents, others are 10 or 20 cents. Some games, like skee-ball, give tickets which are redeemable for prizes.

There's also a second-run movie theater attached which also has very low admission prices. Tomorrow night they're showing Red Riding Hood and True Grit.

And if you're not having fun there, you're within walking distance of the Hawthorne district.
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Coffee Time was the 24 hour cafe that I used to spend every night at. But it's in NW, and while it is (or, at least 10 years ago, was) a rad joint, it's far away from anything else cool.

Rimsky's. Another great coffee house - this place has amazing desserts and sometimes live music too. SE 12th and Morrison ish.

Pied Cow. Near Rimsky's, another favorite east side haunt of mine when I was in high school. Pied Cow also has hookas (perhaps - they used to), and amazing desserts. 30th and Belmont, I think.

No good all ages venues exist in Portland right now. I'm pretty sure of this; my friends have told me that now the Artistery has (just recently) closed down.

However, check out flyers for house shows. Portland loves house shows.

But if I were to suggest a nice adventure, do this: Stay in SE. Go to Rimsky's, get coffee. Walk 25 blocks up Belmont to Wunderland, and go blow through a shitload of nickels. Then walk down Belmont to Pied Cow and have dessert. That should take 4 hours, easy, and will give you a nice feel for one of Portland's many neighborhoods.
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The Roxy is a squalid 24-hour diner on Stark, west of 11th. Jukebox, surly youths, staff with studied sass, drag queens. Some folks seem to really like it.
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You could stop by one of the Voodoo Donuts locations (tagline: "the magic is in the hole!")for a stunt-pastry (bacon maple bar with a real piece of bacon on top, boston creme donut shaped like a penis, optionally with your name on it, donut with tang powder on top, and all sorts of other weird things). The downtown one in particular can be kind of seedy though, even more so than the rest of down town, if that kind of thing creeps you out.
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Oh, on a second look, only the east side location is open right now anyway. Here is a direct link to the menu.
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Thanks so much for all the great suggestions! We got into town a little too late to make the ComedySportz show, but I'll keep that in my pocket for the next time we visit. We ended up spending a good deal of time in Powell's (my sister bought herself House of Leaves, got a coffee and drew in her sketchbook while we sat by the windows facing the street; I asked her what it felt like to be a hipster and she got mad at me). Then the people we were waiting to pick up unexpectedly got in early, so all four of us went to Rimsky's and had coffee and ice cream sundaes. It was really fun!
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