Fave iPod accessories?
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What are your favorite iPod accessories? (More specific Q inisde)

So I came to ask about iPod remotes but thought I'd branch the question out so it was of use to more people.

First, what are your fave iPod accessories (cases, speakers, whatever)? Links would be great; why you like them would be better.

Second, does anyone make a good WIRED remote for the iPod? I know there are lots of wireless ones but I want one that clips on my shirt or jacket. Apple's remote absolutely sucks and I'm amazed they haven't improved it since the first gen. (The buttons are too tiny and closely laid out and the clip-on is useless on anything but the thinnest of fabric making it useless in Canadian winters).

Third, anyone actually used any of the various mics and done any recording? How's the quality?
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I just have one thing, the sportwrap. It's exactly what I need, since I use my iPod for audio books while I'm in the gym. The one knock I'd have for it is that those with large biceps may have problems. There's an extension, but I don't know how good it is. I do not have very beefy biceps, but I still have trouble once in a while when I do curls and the like.

Still, compared to the other cases I could find, this one is the best for the gym.
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I have two accessories, and I think they are both must have. The first is the iTripwireless transmitter so that I can listen to my iPod on the car/home stereo without messing with cables or anything.

The second is the Speck Skintight rubber iPod sleeve. It dampens the bumps and thumps, and stops the iPod from falling out of your pocket.
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  • PodShield for protection. It doesn't protect against drops, but keeps the screen and back scratch-free. I was skeptical that it would actually stick to the iPod very well, but it does.
  • TuneDok holder for the car (along with a cassette adapter).
  • Shure E2c headphones for everywhere else.

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    Etymotic ER-6 isolator headphones. In-ear 'phones that cut out the vast majority of the outside world. Absolutely fantastic for airline travel.
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    I second the Speck sleeves. I love it because I can use my radio adapter without taking the thing off. Speaking of radio adapters, I love the XtremeMac AirPlay FM Transmitter because there's no software to install. You just plug it in and go.
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    Harman JBL On Stage iPod Docking Speaker System - just a bit over $100 at Amazon (or other fine establishments). Wonderful sound, recharges batteries, doesn't take up much counter space.
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    I haven't purchased any accessories yet, but I've been looking around ... I'd say http://www.ipodlounge.com/ is the definitive source for reviews of things iPod. Their 2005 buying guide is a free download and is packed with info.
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    JBL OnTour's are great travel speakers. I looked and tried the Podwave but it was too underpowered. Apples remote has its uses but is nowhere near as good as i'd like. I still can't find a nice case for the 60gig version in London. Even the Apple store has only two, one is unplesant looking and the other is big and bulky.
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    I have the Shure EC3 earbuds, an iSkinz Evo, and a Belkin FM transmitter to go with my 4g iPod. If I had it to do over again, i would have picked up an iTrip transmitter instead. The iSkinz sleeve tends to pick up lint and little bits of trash from my messenger bag, but it's a great accessory to save the iPod from dings and scratches.
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