LA Puppy Play Date?
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I want to play with puppies and awesome dogs this weekend. Where in Los Angeles can I do this?

I'm not allowed to have pets in my apartment and I'm desperately missing the company of dogs. Dog parks and the like have turned out to be good places to watch dogs play, but not good places to interact with them. Is there somewhere I can go where I can walk, pet and snuggle with some puppies for an afternoon?
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Check out the humane society. In my city you can visit with the animals and walk them. Nominally it's supposed to be for people thinking of adopting but I think they're fine with people coming just to play since the dogs spend a lot of time locked up and need any exercise they can get. You can probably also get information about volunteering if you'd like some regular doggie time.
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Seconding Humane Society, adding: volunteering at your local ASPCA
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Are you willing to volunteer a few hours with a dog at an adoption fair? Contact Animal Advocates Alliance, they need people and they're amazing.
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Dog parks are good for dog owners (you get to see your dog socialize, you get to chat with other owners), but dog beaches are good for all dog lovers! I don't know where in LA you are, but there are a few down here. Dog beaches are wonderful--pictures dozens and dozens of dogs running around wildly, some splashing in the water with their owners, some in sniffing orgies, and everyone playing with doggies. I really like the one in Huntington. It and Long Beach are off-leash, so people know to bring their well-behaved dogs. Don't be surprised at dogs running around unattended or trampling all over you (my dog loves to snuggle up on other people's towels, and every time I apologize people just laugh it off and watch as their dog does the same).

Pack a towel, spread out and get ready to play with some doggies!
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Definitely find a local humane society or rescue organization that needs volunteers. They may or may not have a training program that you have to go through. Tell them you want to help "socialize" the dogs which basically means play with them.
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