Video/sound artists
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Do you know of any video and sound artists?

I'm currently doing a project to do with interactive or algorithmically created sound for university, but I'm having a hard time finding any artists to reference in the assignment essay.

I'm looking for artists that use video and sound in their work, preferably where one controls the other, or are interactive. Also, I've found about a million different artists that use dancers to control things, this is so very tedious, so I'm after something a bit more interesting than this.
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Emergency Broadcast Network, Todd Winkler, Jean Hester, there are so many more those are off the top of my head. EBN is awesome live.
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Hexstatic are superb. Also, Coldcut were using VJamm for a lot of their live shows for a long while, where all the samples used have both a video and audio component, and are mixed in realtime.
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Kadet and TektonicShift, do people like Nam June Paik or Bill Viola count, or is that not 'interactive' enough? (I hate that word)
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I am driving through sound, lots posted at we make money not art - there are 20 pages of sound-related installations and video art, so just keep hitting next page.
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Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin
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Brian Eno has done some sound/video installations
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HC Gilje, Kurt Ralske and Lukasz Lysakowski perform together as 242.Pilots. They released a DVD of their live performance in Brussels.

They mention Nam June Pak as an influence, but I don't know how much sound work he did.

Makers of products like Jitter and VVVV might have links to artists using their software. I don't think any of the Effekt guys do music themselves.
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