Possible to change Wordpress comment timestamps?
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Is it possible to change timestamps on comments in Wordpress?

I'm doing a project where I'm porting over an old discussion board onto a P2-themed Wordpress installation. I can post and comment as different users, and I can publish posts to the past, but I can't publish comments to the past.

Google Fu availed me nothing. Help?
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If this is a one-off kind of thing you can simply edit the database. If you have phpMyAdmin installed this is quite simple and very point-and-click, just open up the wp_comments table, find the relevant comment, and edit the comment_date_gmt field.
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You can actually also change the time stamp on the individual comment too. Go to edit the comment, and where the date is in bold, there's a little edit button right beside that. I had to utilize that some when I consolidated my blogs of yore.
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If you just want to change the date of few comments then look at the method 'Kronur' suggested or try phpmyadmin.

If you want to migrate all the old comments with the old timestamps then create a db migration script (without using wordpress import process)
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