Popular chat rooms for straight people
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Which are the most popular web sites offering chat rooms where straight people go looking for sex?

I have been using gay.com for many years to chat and hook up with members of the same sex, with much success because there are often several hundred potential partners in the local chat rooms. It is an easy-to-find location, and most horny gay people know to go there for fun.

Once in a while I have an urge to meet someone of the opposite sex, but I have not been able to find a site similar to gay.com for straight people. I have heard rumours about AOL chat rooms, but I don't use AOL, so I don't have access to those.

Needless to say, a Google search for the obvious terms is not useful; it just turns up long lists of useless porn sites.

So, I'm interested to hear suggestions from sexually adventurous bi/straight MeFites. Where do you hang out to meet members of the opposite sex online for no-strings fun?
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I use Craigslist's casual encounters section. Though there is a good deal of spam on there, I've met some really interesting people - a couple of whom have become friends.
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Adult Friend Finder is probably the biggest one out there.
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It's likely there isn't an exact equivalent for straight males seeking casual sex simply because compared to the gay male population, there are so many fewer potential partners (straight females) interested in casual sex. Straight males don't really have anywhere to "hang out to meet members of the opposite sex for no-strings fun," because the supply of no-strings fun available to them is highly constrained.

On the other hand, if you're a female in search of casual sex, it's pretty likely any of the popular dating services or general purpose chat services will serve your needs just fine.
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Not sure where you are based but my friend Craig swears by Faceparty. He gets plenty of action and he is short, bald, wears glasses and has a beer belly. You might need to display a sense of humour and adjust your expectations (his motto is "Enthusiastic, not discriminating") but if you just want sex it's reasonably decent.

As others have said - if you are male you might be in trouble as approximately every other straight male will want to know the location of the mystic river of no-strings-attached sex.
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Since I put my email in my profile, I've gotten lots of dates via MetaFilter.
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I emailed this thread to a bi swinger friend who has been very successful meeting women online, and here's what he has to say:

"Here's what I've found: I'll second the craigslist casual encounters suggestion, assuming that you live in a part of the country where CL is popular and widely used. If that's the case, try putting an ad up. If you're responding to a girl's ad, realize that you'll be one of dozens of respondents. I found that being non-creepy and honest, attaching a good picture, including a phone number and writing my email in a way that showed I had read the ad all increased my chance of success. You'll find occasional ads from women or couples looking for a bisexual man. Focus on those ads if you are gay/bi (and know that CL is a decent site for meeting guys as well). If you live in California CL is your best bet, and I understand it's hopping in Chicago and NY as well. Florida, not so much, but I managed to meet girls there regardless. Just be patient, and prepare to deal with flakes.

"I found AdultFriendFinder to be nearly worthless. There are so many guys on there, and while there are a sizable number of women as well it's hard to compete, even if you're attractive. One female friend of mine who had a profile on AFF said that she received far more email on that site than she even knew what to do with. The only "traditional" dating site where I've had a profile up was Yahoo Personals, and that was worse than useless. I was pretty upfront that I was looking for casual partners in my profile though, which almost definitely caused girls who were looking for a relationship to be disinterested.

"There are quite a few sites geared towards swinging couples and the like. Generally single straight men don't do well on those sites (the focus is on couples, after all), but as a poly bi guy I found I was successful... there are single women as well on those sites, although not as many as AFF. I'd suggest SwingLifeStyle and Swinger's Date Club. Membership in those sites can fluctuate wildly by region. I had a profile on one of them, and found that it was very popular in my neck of the woods and less so in a different part of the country."
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Oh, and for the record (because this post will forever be attached to my comment history, and because my girlfriend has a MeFi account), the above really was an email from a friend (but with some edits for grammar and spelling by myself), and is not me.
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