Another Name Assistance Plea
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Please help name another business/Etsy store/website. (I had to ask because I am stuck and you are good at it!)

My future web presence is stalled because I cannot come up with a good name for a site and Etsy shop. My given name is pretty dull, and I’d rather a cute/funny/memorable business name.

My art is primarily pen and ink (occasionally acrylic) imaginary creatures. Sort of dragon-like, horse-like, dog-like with teeny interior details or sometimes just bright colors. Planning on hawking prints and possibly t-shirts at some point (I have done tees in the past). Here’s a not great scan/doodle/example: Rawr.

My thus far unsatisfactory stabs include: Fancy Beast (taken), Beast Factory, Stellar Thicket (favorite so far, but not very descriptive), Kindly Beast, Hypothetical Pet. My previous Etsy shop was MonsterOps but I don’t love it.
You guys are quite excellent in the roller derby/Etsy Store/Other naming of things, so please help. Thank you!
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Inky Beast
Beastly Ink
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Response by poster: omg pwally that is outstanding. Though, there is a tattoo shop and some kinda art establishment using that name. Also I think "beast" may be more apt than monster. I tried using "creature" also but arrgh, nothing yet.
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Running with "beast"...

Beast of Eden
Beast Village

The Beast Among Us
The Beast I Could Do

A Moveable Beast

Beast Lightning
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Best answer: Unrelated but somehow appropriate:

Fata Morgana
The Phantom Tollbooth

or just plain puns!

Beasts of Shirtin'
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Best answer: It's brainstorming, right? Right. No wrong answers :)
  • Enstrangered Beasties
  • Another Thing Coming
  • Charismatic Magifauna
  • The Slumbering Herd
  • The Center for the Study of Fantastic Creatures
  • The Line and the Which, in the Wardrobe (assuming that you do do t-shirts)
  • Something Else
  • Zoolology

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Beaster Sunday
Beast Friends Forever
Beast Coast
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Pen Fiend
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Best answer: Best Beasts
Keeping the Beast
The Beasts Among Us
Bygone Beasts
Bob's Beasts ( or Bill's, Betty's ...)
Finely Drawn Beasts

Monster Town
Monster Magic
Monsters of Mayhem

The Artist and the Monster
The Artist and the Beast

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Response by poster: All great guys, thank you again.
Particularly Beastiweary, Monsterangelo and The Slumbering Herd.
And Pen Fiend and Beast Lightning. Arrgh!
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Herd Tomorrow

The Beast Herd

Herd of the Pen (Pen of the Herd?)

Pen of the Beast

Mouth of (insert name of your favorite mythical place, ie Hades, Ragnorok, etc)

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Beast Intentions ?
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Col' Beasted
Beast in Show
Beast Street
Beast Street II: Pen and Ink Boogalo
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The Mark of the Beast
Creature Features
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