Trying to figure out the title of an old Easter special from HBO...
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Is anyone familiar with an Easter puppet special that was on (I think) HBO in the early '80s? I remember that it involved a bunch of bunnies working in an Easter egg factory, and that the Easter Bunny ("E.B.") was fairly nervous and might've had a Woody Allen-esque delivery. It definitely isn't "Tale Of The Bunny Picnic" (though that looks pretty cute, too). Bonus points if there's a streaming version anywhere online - I'd love to show this special to my bunny-obsessed niece. Thanks, all.
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I remember this! There was a Valentine special, too. The only thing I can find is this yahoo answers thread (which is clearly about the same things--I remember the Cupid in a trench coat from the V-day movie vividly). :(
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"A Chucklewood Easter"?

"Buttons and Rusty sneak into a place they don't belong: the Easter Bunny's secret egg factory!" (link)
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"Chucklewood Easter," part 1 and part 2. Via.
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Response by poster: Looks cool, but the one I have in mind is definitely puppets and not animation. Thanks, though!
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Here's someone else searching for it.

This is insanely maddening. I know that this existed, dammit!
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Best answer: Here's a lead! Paul Fusco was a puppeteer who worked on both Easter and Valentine's specials on HBO. The V-day special is on youtube, but no sign of the Easter special

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Response by poster: The voice acting in the Valentine's special is ringing serious bells. It has to be Paul Fusco, which would make the title "An Easter Story" according to Wikipedia. He was ALF! Holy cow!

PhoB, you rock.
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