Smartphone - call plan - data plan = PDA + WiFi?
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I have a Samsung Captivate smartphone with a rate plan and data plan. If I were to cancel my AT&T contract (and pay the required fee, of course), could the phone continue to be used to access the Web via Wi-Fi to sync my Google calendar/contacts/e-mail, surf the Web, and run Web-enabled apps? Would I lose anything else besides telephone and 3G data capabilities?
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Best answer: You can open the phone, take out the sim card, and see how well the phone works like that. Generally you'll need to remove the battery to get to the sim card, but that should be all you need to do.
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Best answer: Yes. I have done that with my Captivate when my SIM is in another phone. Your cached credentials are wiped when the SIM is changed or removed so you'll have to re-enter passwords for your Google accounts.
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